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Vaido Padumäe

Vaido PadumäeChairman of the Board at RIMI Estonia

Vaido Padumäe’s career in Rimi started 20 years ago, and he is still there. While studying at university, he took a job as a packager at the Kesko warehouse, Rimi’s predecessor. Vaido studied at the broad-based course of public administration. Thus, he didn’t have a clear long-term plan at that time.

He started to progress in his career, and typically of the retail trade, there are now very few departments at Rimi to where he hasn’t contributed during his long career.

Today, Vaido is running one of Estonia’s largest retail chains for the fourth consecutive year, and it seems that his force is only getting stronger. Vaido is proud to be able to run a company with such high core values where responsible mindset is the basis of every big decision.