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Indrek Kaing

Indrek Kaing

Father of a large family 

Indrek and Saale are parents for four schoolchildren, and that makes them a large family in Estonian terms. Indrek, an innovator recognized by the Swedish Business Award, has spent most of his life operating in aviation and international logistics.

His passion for food has taken him to Lyon to cheer the Estonian competitor at the “Bocuse d’Or” chefs’ Olympic Games. The most exciting experience, however, is the amateur apprenticeship at the Michelin-starred restaurant “Olo” kitchen under chef Pekka Terävä.

For two seasons, Indrek was co-editor for the Jamie Oliver magazine published in Estonia. During the last five years, Indrek has been volunteering for Toidupank and also tries to support the green mindset of Viimsi, his home municipality.

Taking the stage: Indrek and Saale, with children Hedvig (15), Ingrid (12), Ludvig (10), and Bruno (10)