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Evelin Piirsalu

Evelin PiirsaluSenior Expert (Environmental Management Programme) in Stockholm Environment Institute

Evelin works on environmental management related projects involving issues such as environmental management systems, green public procurement, and various other environmental management tools. Evelin has also been part of projects concerning climate mitigation and adaptation, and marine ecosystem services.

Since 2005, Evelin has been involved with yearly sustainability training for students and both future as well as current managers and other decision-makers. Evelin also has expertise in sustainability assessment, life cycle assessment, scenario analysis, transition analysis, and dynamic modeling.

During the last six years, I have conducted research on various food wastes, studying both the amounts of food waste generated and the causes of food waste at different stages of the Estonian food chain.
I have also been involved in a number of food waste prevention and reduction projects in collaboration with various stakeholders.